From the resort I stayed at they had a tour office and so here I could book a trip to James bond island, because otherwise I couldn't get the other tour operators to come pick me up at Khao Lak area. 

Before coming to James bond island I never watched the man with the golden gun, or if I did I didn't remember much of it, and the funny thing is in the film they try to pass off this island in Thailand as being an island located in the northern part of china, which is kinda hilarious because to me it's so obvious it's in Thailand.

The island had lots of tourists everywhere taking photos. nothing like in the film where it's a very quiet island. I took as much footage as I could before we had to leave the island and go on to the next tour destination.

We went to one of the biggest floating villages in Phang Nga bay and ate lunch there, also I got to walk to the floating surface where they used to play soccer on and where a film was made about a famous team used to play and practice their skills on this same slippery surface and became really good against other teams who only practiced on land.

Afterwards we went back to land and went to a place to feed monkeys and go into a temple that's inside a mineral deposit cave.