What in the blue hell happened here???

I remember back in the day it used to be less opinionated and more straight forward to do things, sure we didn't have a million available utility packages or build systems with watchers. But at least things got done in a more straightforward manner.

Nowadays you gotta learn a whole suite of interrelated stuff and in the end is it really all worth it? to what end is learning all this stuff going to accomplish? I honestly think it's a way of making developers replaceable.

Just think about it for a second now, all of these frameworks what do they serve to accomplish? They enforce a system of doing things in order to have multiple people be able to work on the same project at the same time. They also force a form of separation of things in order to silo people into one area of an app ecosystem at a time.

There's also automated testing which needs to be written but once written it can be run by anyone without any technical skill set and this in a way creates a system of insurance in order to be able to be able to separate the original developer from the project if need be.

Anyone who's worked in the corporate world knows that there's always a certain level of turnover within any company.

So companies are always looking for ways to replace people places and things with the minimal amount of downtime, and I believe that this is one of many different insurance policies that has come out as a result of demanding needs.

I'm not totally against frameworks, they've provided ways to build things quicker, however they've also created systems that can be painful to work-in, as well as has also created a never ending list of a checklist of bits and pieces that need to be done when building out a single page.

TLDR; I remember when building websites was fun and didn't require build processes and complicated deployments.

and don't even get me started on web3, in general web3 depends on too many external services not many of them very reliable or lightning fast and mistakes on the blockchain can be very costly and immutable.