Need Guidance on Location Independence?

    There are a lot of moving parts to consider when making a move to a foreign country. I understand that each person’s situation is unique and that’s why I offer telephone consultations for those serious about making a transition to a location independent lifestyle.

    If you’re in need of that little extra help or guidance, schedule a block of time so we can discuss your needs.

    This is NOT for everyone… and yes, I do charge a fee. My time is extremely valuable and I can’t spend it on the phone talking to every Tom, Dick and Mary for free.

    I have a business, manage multiple clients at the same time and am also involved in a few projects outside of my main business as well as other things I’d like to enjoy while living the location indepent lifestyle. I want to be compensated if I must take time away from any of the above; after-all, I am on the vacation of my life.

    This is for people who are serious about the location independent lifestyle — getting guidance and feedback from someone who is already living the lifestyle -- can save you a bunch of time, money and frustration.

    Think of this as a coaching call where you can get the advice you need to plan your trip, move, or retirement. We can discuss anything you like. Your investment for a 1-hour telephone consultation is $95.

    Email Consultation

      If you only have a handful of general questions you would like answered and don't want to have a skype call, then I also offer email consultation. The way it works is you will get my email and you can email me directly for a specific number of time. This is a more flexible option for people who don't have time to schedule a 1-hour call and would like correspondence on flexible time. Options below: