This is a nice tourist spot where they have a supposedly floating market, I didn't see any food being served from a boat when I came here, but this area was so close to the Maeklong umbrella train market station that it only made sense to make a stop over here while I was already in the area.

The first time I tried to go to the Maeklong umbrella market, I tried to take the train, man that was a mistake, but you don't learn without making mistakes.

This time around I took a tour shuttle to get here which only cost around 800 Thai baht for round trip, which is a great price considering that hiring a car or taking a taxi round trip would cost about double the cost if not more coming and going to Bangkok.

I brought my friend because I didn't want to take the long drive here solo and I got to see a lot of cool stuff and got to take a nice boat ride twice around the market. Once during the day and another time during night time in order to see the fireflies. Which are almost impossible to capture on camera.

During the day boat ride, I saw this giant black buddha statue, it was really ominous but apparently it's one of the images that some Thai people pray to.

I got some banana infused with coconut in bamboo leaf and it was delicious and we also stopped at this small shop to eat some noodles and on the shop wall was this cool print of a chef with the pin-up girl posters.