It's coming down to that time of the year again, the one semi-holiday that I really look forward to every year.

This year is a little sad because I won't be celebrating this halloween with my friend Mike who is back in the states at the moment. The last 2 halloweens we've celebrated together in style and so this year is going to be a little different. 

I usually will put together a costume myself with some custom made pieces and sourced pieces from third party vendors. But this year I feel like the costume I want to do might be too early in timing, I feel that next year will be the ideal timing for this secret costume I want to do. 

So for this year, right now, my game plan is just to rent a costume from the local costume shop, I went down to shop and asked them if they had a doctor strange costume and they said that they won't get their costumes in until October 24th, talk about cutting it close, at that date if they don't come through then it will be too late to mail order anything. so right now my number 1 costume is doctor strange and if I can't get it then my backup will be bruce lee yellow jumpsuit or I will try to find something else they might have that would be of interest.

This year I'm going to a different area of Taipei to celebrate halloween this area should be packed with lots of people since there are many nightlife venues in this area. Should definitely be interesting. Also halloween falls on a Wednesday so hopefully there will be people out dressed and having fun.