For the longest period of time I've always enjoyed dancing, my neighbor next door always used to do a money dance whenever he got his checks in the mail, I would too if I got checks in the mail as well. I think it's very important to have different dances for different purposes and occasions that way people know that you are a person who has traditions.

So I used to take private lessons in California, specifically San Jose / Campbell California where I paid for a whole package of classes and they took about 6 months to complete, it ranged from a number of different styles over different genres but essentially they were taken at a ballroom dancing studio so the styles were somewhat grounded in that ballroom style of dancing which leans a little on the not so casual style that is welcomed at social dances, and so I learned a range of latin dances and as well as other stuff like swing dancing, cha cha, bachata, and salsa. my top two favorite are salsa and bachata, if given the opportunity I would want to further my knowledge of bachata dancing. 

When I moved out of california I went straight for vegas where I lived there for a bit and I also took dance classes there at a fred astair studio which was a really fun studio and they had a boat load of dance classes to hone my dance skill. but dancing at the salsa club in vegas was rough because everyone was doing new york style, while I had originally learned a west coast style of salsa.

Since I came back to Taipei last year I've been taking group salsa dance classes at this dance studio in Taipei called Bailalo dance studio, they also practiced New York style salsa so I re-took the beginners class while at the same time doing their level 2 class just because it was free to guys to volunteer to help out the level 1 class and it was a chance to meet new people because meeting new people is always good.

The dance scene is a bit more friendlier in Taipei compared to Las Vegas, which makes social dancing a lot more enjoyable from the guy's perspective.

I've danced in so many social settings, from night clubs to dance parties and it's all the same flavor of pudding now. When I started taking lessons I did it because I wanted to learn more about the art of leading and I'm glad I did because whatever I've learned from dancing, has automatically translated into my normal life in ways I probably can't consciously tell but subconsciously I know. Also it's helped to get me more comfortable with just going with the flow and not trying to force things.