The Lake View

So now we're going, on a kayak trip. It was a normal Thailand day, so obviously it was super hot, and on top of that we were trying to coordinate the paddling of the kayak in the middle of the hot sun beaming down on us while hitting into the occasional rock.

Our friend Nok using his expert kayak skills

Rafting is so much work, What did I sign up for? I had no expectations so it was all good. But yeah it was a bit hard vlogging and kayaking at the same time… Much more harder than I expected, and like I said I had no expectations haha

Beautiful scenery under the water.

Inside the forested area, the breeze was so nice, and surprisingly the water was cold, nice and cold on this hot day. The view is overly nice It's all right

A photo in the center of the lake

This is where they filmed that, Micheal Bolton video. "Can I touch you There?"

Soaking time with clear and cool water. Very relaxing.

This place was really chill to come to for two good reasons. The first is that is that it's only opened recently. So it's brand new and it's not crowded at all. And the second, is that it's located conveniently near the main part of Krabi. So from the hotel to here only took about 20 minutes driving. So, if you are in Krabi then I would highly recommend coming here to have a nice, chill afternoon. Take photos and videos and then relax to a nice meal.

So on that note, here is your moment of zen.