Hey this is Dion, and welcome to the ruins of Ayutthaya. This is Wat Ratchaburana. Try saying that three times fast. The word Wat in Thai means temple. So these temple grounds have main structures inside. that were devoted to prayer.

Image of the main tower at Wat Ratchaburana.

The main tower structure in here was named as one of the finest in the city, in terms of its condition relative to other structures in the city, with detailed carvings of lotus and mythical creatures

Image with Buddha head at Wat Ratchaburana.

Looters raided the site in 1957 and stole many treasures. Wat Mahathat is located right next door to Wat Ratchaburana. The main attraction to this temple ground is the fallen Buddha head engulfed in tree roots. No one knows for sure how the Buddha head ended up in the tree. However, this is the most photographed image in Ayutthaya. People hypothesize that thieves tried to steal the head, but it was too heavy and gave up.

These temple grounds were built in 1374, during the reign of King Borom the first. This temple ground also has a central praying tower and rows of headless Buddha images.

one of Ayutthaya's most revered Buddha images.

Wat Phanan Choeng, inside this temple is one of Ayutthaya's most revered Buddha images. The 62 foot tall Buddha statue was created in 1325 and it sits in the large hall surrounded by 84,000 Buddha images that line the walls. Ha! We're taking a trip to a boat, to go around the river So we're almost nearing the end of the temple run, with the second to last temple.

Image at Wat Puhutthai Sawan.

Wat Puhutthai Sawan. In here there's supposedly a reclining Buddha. I didn't see it, However, I spent most of the time fascinated with this beautiful white prang structure.

The row of Buddha at Wat Puhutthai Sawan.

I just spent the majority of my time here walking around and just seeing the structures. And walking through the row of Buddha images.

Beautiful sunset at Wat Chaiwatthanaram.

Here we've arrived at the grand place of temples. That sunset, oh look how beautiful it is. Look at that temple. And the last temple for today. Is it a temple, is it a pagoda? That's the question. This one has Buddha images, right at the front. The heads are all severed. And that's that. That's the end of the journey. And on that note, here's your moment of Zen.

Sunset on river.

There's alot to see and one day isn't enough. I did find some premium resort near the river and close to the grand temple, but wasn't about to drop almost $200 a night for it.