So to continue off, the next place that I visited on my hong kong journey was the instagram famous Yick Fat Buildings in Quarry Bay. 

This place was a little hard to figure out how to shoot first, but I managed to find a decent angle to shoot from, minus the harsh lighting.

Originally I had also planned to go to Tian Tan Buddha, but I woke up too late and the line for the tram to get to the island was too long, it was going to take around 5 hours round trip just waiting in line so I decided to skip it. 

Also skipped Tang ancestral hall, since I already got temple footage at Tsing Shan Monastary.

And I couldn't find a fruit market like the one in bloodspot, after the trip I got info that I should head to causeway bay area next time since that's where the chase scene was filmed at.

The next day

I went to aberdeen harbor located at the south of hong kong island. 

The scene in enter the dragon where all the main characters are heading towards the ship that will take them to han's island, part of it was filmed here and the other part was filmed on another part of hong kong. But just being here was really peaceful and the view was amazing. I can imagine what the people who live in the high rise apartments that face this harbor get to see every morning afternoon, evening and night.

Later in the week I also went back to the peak but this time instead of taking the tram up the hill I hiked up during night time. 

The view at night time is completely different, only because everything is lit up. Also this photograph can't capture the beauty that my eyes saw on that night. 

So in conclusion, it was a busy trip. Felt good to be away from Taipei for a bit. But a bit expensive for an asian city with shitty oily food and a lot of air pollution.

I didn't get a chance to visit any of the restaurants that I had on my list, but I can always go on my next trip.

The city is obviously a mix between asian culture and english culture with the traffic infrastructure looking like it came straight from london and the old school asian buildings in dire need of renovation.

A lot of people can speak english and a lot of people can speak mandarin chinese, but there are also a few that can only speak cantonese chinese. So it was an interesting time, ordering food in mandarin only to get a response back in cantonese.

Until next trip, stay hungry for travel my friends.