Very old looking city, what to say... did you know that they've only had cellphones within the last few years? 

"Just six years ago, only North Korea had fewer mobile phones than Myanmar. Now, almost everyone in Southeast Asia’s poorest country is connected." - https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2017-07-10/the-unprecedented-explosion-of-smartphones-in-myanmar 

The traffic is bad and the drivers are so atrocious.

The food is interesting, it's like a mix between asian and indian. The city streets are dirty, the buildings are dirt black from water damage due to poor construction practices and scooter bikes are banned because of theft by scooter and other scooterbike related crimes.

Their currency is hyper-inflated, $10 USD is equivalent to almost $16,000 myanmar kyak (mmk) have to take taxi or walk, I would not get on the city bus, I rather use grab app and call a taxi, a lot of people can speak english.

I actually found a gym. the gym floor was not rated for heavy weights, which was interesting.

I heard that property prices are crazy high, but any "open" real estate market's pricing is always going have zero relation with the average worker wage. 

Some surprising things:

So ktv is like a big pastime in taiwan, but all of the ktv places I've been to in taipei are really garbage when it comes to english song selection, or sound balancing or pricing etc.. come on taipei ktv operators you guys need to step up your ktv game. the best ktv systems I've found in taipei have been these new little popup clear ktv booths.

I haven't tried ktv in thailand but I was fortunate enough to have my good friend in yangon bring me to a ktv place in his town and this place had alot of english songs to choose from, an android tablet that you can use to queue songs and watch youtube preview on before queueing and the sound balancing was the best I've ever experienced in asia. I mean this  was like my custom setup I used to have at home where you can actually hear yourself and the mixing was absolutely perfect.

So far the city with the best ktv system that you can take your friends to in asia that I've experienced would have to go to: YANGON.

I think my only regret from this trip was not videoing this amazing ktv night...

I came in mid August, which is still in rain season, and it rained...alot....

above photo: I found doraemon in yangon